Pre-Primary Program

The Pre-Primary program is designed for children 14 months to 3 years of age (or depending readiness of child.) The benefits of enrolling your child in our Pre-Primary program are many. As Dr. Montessori observed, children in this age group are in a “sensitive period” for the development of independence, movement, and language.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of toddler age children, the class provides the opportunity to develop positive school and group behaviors, overcome separation fears, and explore their burgeoning desire for independence.

We believe that this program offers an exceptional opportunity for parents to introduce their children to the Montessori method of learning, one in which the needs and development of each individual child is the central focus of the class.

The children in the Pre-Primary class are in their own enclosed, serene environment, including their classroom, play yard and bathrooms. All of the materials and activities are chosen specifically for this age group, and chosen to guide the children through the beginning phases of Montessori education.

There will be an emphasis on the careful use of the materials, appropriate choices and respect for the work and feelings of the others in the class. The Pre-primary classroom allows the development of independence, concentration, and pride in one’s work, and prepares the younger child for the transition to the Primary classes.

“ The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. “

“ The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. “